During the training process with Direct Drive, the structure and content of the lesson depends largely on the following factors; how much driving experience you have, where your weaknesses lie, individual driving challenges, confidence, knowledge, and general skill level. The lessons are adapted to suit the needs of each learner. The structure will always vary, but the goal is the same; to give a student their best chance for success by giving them the tools and strategies they need to become independent, safe, confident, and knowledgeable drivers. What could be more important? You will learn or be assessed on elements and concepts involving;

  • operating systems of the vehicle
  • rules of the road
  • vehicle control
  • optimum observation protocols
  • winter driving considerations
  • proper strategies in all traffic situations
  • precision skills
  • hazard perception
  • defensive driving strategies

Lessons are taught in layers, the expectation being that each progressive lesson will build on skills learned and practised during ongoing training with your at-home supervisor. This practise time is a critical part of the driver training process, as the lessons will become increasingly challenging. Parent/supervisors are sent lesson review sheets to outline what the student should practise in-between lessons, or in preparation for the ICBC Road Test. A student’s success relies on the cooperative effort between the student, the parents/supervisors, and the instructor. Whether your lessons are exclusively with Lisa or Steve, or a combination, communication is key, and we are always happy to discuss a student’s progress with parents outside of lesson time at their convenience.