Don’t wait until you are feeling ready to take a road test to start looking for a test date.


Road tests appointments are hard to get on short notice. Often you are looking months ahead to secure a spot in your preferred area.

It is a good idea to think ahead and book a date well in advance. It gives you a flexible deadline to work toward. If you are eligible to test in June for example… start looking for a spot in February or March. Often the best way to book is to go online… It is quick and easy to search for an appointment

If you secure a date that doesn’t suit you, you can go online anytime and attempt to reschedule your appointment. Your existing appointment will not be cancelled unless you select a new date and confirm that you are switching.

Don’t give up if you aren’t finding a date… The examiner will not make all dates available right away… There are always cancellation spots that appear weekly. You have to be vigilant to secure a date. Keep trying.

If you are taking a road test outside of your community, then it is wise to spend some time driving in that area, or consider taking a lesson to get advice from a local instructor.

If you are approaching your test date and you don’t feel that you will be ready, it is probably wise to reschedule asap. It is difficult to take a test that you don’t feel prepared for. To avoid an ICBC penalty surcharge, be sure to cancel your test within 48 hours of your appointment.

Avoid online “Test Booking Services” they will charge you a fee to find a test for you. Always best to book directly through

We will not book your road test for you. If you are wanting to use the training car for your test, let us know as soon as you get the date booked… We will do our best to ensure the car is available for you to use.